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Customised News Solutions

WN Custom News Solutions

Get breaking headline news on topics tailored to your choice.

Grow visitor loyalty with quality real-time news.

Find news that focuses on the markets you watch.

Stay ahead of the game with news in over 50 languages.

  • International news available from over 90,000 articles per weekday (including over 50,000 in English).

  • Targeted news on the related topics of your choice.

  • Email addresses, domains, newsletters, financial tools custom branded.

  • News delivered in real-time with photos.

  • 7,000 News Sites online now with articles from over 500 unique sources - A rich source for tailored news topics and site design.

  • News delivered via WN Servers in XML, RSS, web-ready media formats including:
    scrolling text, photos, graphics, multimedia packages, charts and more.

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